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Our Purpose

To provide emotional support for men and women of all ages and backgrounds who are experiencing difficult times in their lives brought about by the loss of a relationship or death of a loved one. We offer help, hope and support.

Who Are We?

We are Divorced & Widowed Adjustment, Inc. the longest running non-profit support group organization of this kind in Las Vegas, Nevada. We hold an unparalleled  35+ years record of providing free weekly support group meeting.

The Benefits    

Even if a person has good personal counseling, support groups can play an important part in the healing process. But if a person is not  in counseling, it's even more essential to get some kind of outside emotional support.

One of the most powerful benefits of support groups is their ability to break through the sense of isolation that many people feel who are dealing with a loss.
Most people tend to withdraw from life and interactions with others, and even the prospect of talking to others who share the same experience may be difficult.

Here's the way one person reflected on the benefits of attending our weekly support groups. As I look back on attending our meetings, I realize that not one us said "Do you know what I mean?" We all knew, What a relief, knowing that someone really understands.

Another benefit of these support group meetings is a person can gain a better perspective of their situation that isn't possible when dealing with it alone. They see other people at different stages of recovery; they see some who are at a similar stage to their own, some who are better off, and some who are having a much more difficult time at that point. 

For both men and women, much of the pain and frustration of dealing with the issues related to loss, abandonment, trust, or incompatibility might  be linked to their abilities to deal with their fears while hiding their feelings from the outside world.  A person needs to be able to talk about what has happened in order to regain a sense of equilibrium. When they try to deal with issues alone, they often become even more frustrated and confused.

If you are dealing with ANY of the following issues you may want to consider attending one of our weekly Las Vegas support groups: loneliness, loss, of spouse, bereavement, grief loss, divorce, separation, affairs, abandonment, anger, death of a child / parent, loss by suicide, family of a murder victim.

We realize the importance of making the transition through grief and trauma and moving on to live life. Our small and caring weekly support groups offer a "safe" non-judgmental environment to share and discuss personal loss issues. 

We offer several different types of weekly support groups to help men and women overcome life-controlling traumatic issues with support from people who care and understand your personal situation.

Our weekly Las Vegas support group meetings do not focus on any legal matters or religious doctrines ; but areas of emotional support, recovery and growth.

Please review the different types of support group meetings we offered to find the program that best fits your personal situation.

We also offer a special support group for families dealing with the death of a loved one by suicide and for families of a murder victim. We also offer a pet loss support group for those are dealing with the death of a beloved pet.

Donations and volunteer leadership help us provide these free weekly Las Vegas support groups. Our support groups offer help for today and hope for tomorrow.

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