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 Dear Friend:
For over thirty five years, our organization has provided free weekly support group programs for men and women dealing with the emotional pain and trauma of separation, divorce or death of a loved one. Often, this is one of the most difficult times in a person's life.
It has been extremely gratifying for us to watch men and women who have attended our programs heal deep emotional wounds from broken marriages, bad relationships or the death of a loved one. Our trained and caring volunteers have dedicated their time and efforts to making these community service programs successful for over thirty four years.
 Divorced & Widowed Adjustment, Inc. is supported almost entirely by donations from caring individuals within the Las Vegas community. Our desire is to help people heal by providing these FREE weekly support groups. Your financial support will ensure the future of our programs. Your donation will make a difference.You may make a donation online or by mail; checks should be made  payable to: Divorced & Widowed Adjustment, Inc.
Divorced & Widowed Adjustment, Inc. of Las Vegas, Nevada is a non-profit charitable 501 (C)-3 organization. Financial donations, gifts and bequests are always welcomed. Gifts to non-profits are tax-deductible. Charitable giving provides funding for our programs.
Office Phone (702) 735-5544.

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Divorced & Widowed Adjustment, Inc.
P.O. Box 12042
Las Vegas, NV 89112